Made-in-Italy innovation and automation

We always find the best solutions for our customers, designed to achieve maximum results in terms of quality, process optimisation and return on investment.

Assistec offers a wide range of implementations to make work effective and efficient.

Specifically, we can provide:

  • Continuous 4th axis or 4th / 5th axle rotary tables with mechanical and electrical / electronic applications, operation tests at the customer's site
  • Through spindle high-pressure systems (up to 200bar) for turning and milling operations on machine tools, variable-volume or fixed-volume systems
  • Interface creation of adjustable dies on vertical or horizontal machining centres
  • ystems compliant with Industry 4.0

Wealso integrate third-party systems into machinery.

Interfacing of machinery with company databases for production monitoring: analysis of production cycle time, piece counting, alarms or other signals based on customer needs.

The following are some of the specific software products provided by Assistec: Fanuc MT-LINKi and NCGuide Fanuc

Fanuc MT-LINKi is the software that allows for the machine tools, robots and PLCs of a facility to be interconnected
Via this application you can monitor the status of production, recognise any anomalous conditions of the equipment, analyse production results and optimise resource planning.

NCGuide Fanuc is an application enabling to simulate CNC controls directly on a PC. With the same operating procedures as a control fitted on a machine tool, it allows work programs to be carried out and tests to be performed in graphics and automatically.