The repair workshop: a guarantee for execution speed.

Electronic and mechanical support for machine tools is provided by Assistec repair workshop team.

Over time, the repair workshop has become the cutting-edge core of the company; it hosts a staff of electronic engineers and highly specialised technicians, with decades of experience, at the customer's service.

A feature that has always been recognised is execution speed: repairs are made within 2-3 days, after which perfectly operating units are returned to the Customer, at excellent prices and featuring a just-like-new quality of repair. The customer's machine tools will be running again in a short time thanks to the customer service speed.

By using latest generation technologies we can repair all equipment: axle and spindle drives, power boards, power supply units, numerical controls and Mapps.
ASSISTEC also deals with the repair of axle and spindle motors of any series, as well as refrigeration units.

A 12-month warranty is offered for most of the repairs carried out, evidence of the great commitment and expertise of the electronic and technical team specialized in machine tools.